PHOENIX, Arizona- Prosecutors have taken back their deal. Some supporters want their money returned. Her private lawyers have quit. Now the civil rights activist who stood by Shanesha Taylor says he has had enough.

The 43-year-old was charged with felony abuse after authorities say she left her two young children in a hot car while she went on a job interview.

According to KTVK, civil rights activist Rev. Jarrett Maupin, who once led the charge to support Taylor, says he’s done.

He says after helping to broker the deal of a lifetime with Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, where there would be no charges if she attended drug and parenting classes and put some of the money donated to her in a trust for her children, Taylor has “no follow-through so our hopes turned into nightmares.”

Maupin said he lined up numerous job interviews for Taylor in the hotel, restaurant…

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American-statue-of-liberty-crying-610x400Why the hell are we afraid to be who we are and what made this nation so great!

Maybe we are a nation of whiners like the following;

Say: God Bless America… The Atheist whine..

Say : Merry Christmas… The Muslims whine…

Hang an American flag in our schools the Latinos whine…

A man marries a woman the Gay community cries discrimination and whine….

People have to get jobs…the Welfare lifers whine…

Corporations forced to pay their share in Taxes…they whine..

Politicians have to start caring…. They whine…

Pro Athletes  makes less than Five Million for a few months work….they whine..

I can go on and on with the truth..

My solution if you don’t like it there are easy ways to leave this country and I know some  Patriotic Americans who will show you the way….by force of needed!!!

Whycrying_eagle are we afraid to be Americans when all we do is bitch and whine!!!

We need to look in the freaking mirror and decide if we are Americans or are we pretenders…pick a side cause when the day of judgment comes…the whiners will see the light!!!!!

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1410991360000-Pa-Police-Barracks-ShootingCANADENSIS, PA. — Nine days after a gunman opened fire in a deadly ambush at a state police barracks, authorities have had no contact with the suspect they describe as a self-taught survivalist despite an intensive search that shut down the heavily wooded community where he lived with his parents.

Though a shelter-in-place order had been lifted in the Pocono Mountains community where police have focused their search, they continued to urge residents to be vigilant Sunday as the manhunt continues for Eric Frein.

A state police spokesman said no contact had been made with Frein, who was placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted list after the Sept. 12 shooting at a nearby police barracks that left one trooper dead and a second wounded.

Police on Friday descended on the community where Frein, 31, had lived with his parents, ordering residents to stay inside their homes and preventing anyone outside the neighborhood from returning to their homes. Law enforcement officers wearing bulletproof vests and armed with rifles scoured the woods as helicopters buzzed overhead.

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